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Former aide launches a stinging attack on Boris Johnson’s ‘dumb s***’ top team as it’s a ‘clown show’

7th Feb 22 2:11 pm

The Prime Minister’s former Downing Street aide has launched a brutal attack on his new “dumb s***” top team.

Johnson’s former chief aide Dominic Cummings branded the new Downing Street’s director of communication a “clown” and will do “dumb s***.”

Guto Harri’s appointment to the job will “accelerate the destruction”of the Prime Minister after less than 72 hours in the job the new director of communications has been engulfed in controversy.

There has been questions raised over Harri’s links with the Chinese tech firm Huawei as he lobbied for the company.

He resigned from Hawthorn Advisors and took a six month leave of absence which has raised eyebrows and then he took on the new role, which has led to talk of how long Johnson will remain at the helm.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said, “He provided advice to the clients of a private company. This is entirely legitimate and in the public domain.

“We wouldn’t exclude from government someone with valuable experience and expertise.

“Our position on Huawei is clear – we have strict controls in the way that Huawei is currently deployed. Anyone coming in goes through requisite checks.”

The spokesperson added, “There are long-standing processes for bringing people into No. 10 and those are all in hand.”

Johnson suffered a further blow today after Harri announced that he and the Prime Minister sang Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” song.

“I walked in and I made a salute and said ‘Prime Minister, Guto Harri reporting for duty’ and he stood up from back to his desk and started taking the salute,” he said.

“I asked ‘Are you going to survive Boris?‘ And he said it in his deep voice, slowly and purposefully and started singing a little while finishing the sentence and saying ‘I Will Survive’.”

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said, “I’m not going to get into the details of private conversations.

“But as you might expect, they are old colleagues.”

Referring to the interview, Cummings said the Prime Minister had appointed “clowns like Huawei Harri who accelerate the destruction of your position, and do dumb s*** like ramp up fights in media that you need to go away and self-promoting moronic interviews broadcasting the message ‘the reset is a clown show’.”

However Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, demanded “full transparency” from Harri “about all contact he had with government in his former role as a lobbyist and who his clients were.”

“We can’t have the revolving door from lobbying to government see potential national security issues arise,” Rayner said.

“It’s vital that anyone entering government service leaves their private sector interests at the door.

“The Cabinet Secretary also needs to make clear that Guto Harri will be subject to the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments so when the door revolves for him again, he can’t just pick up lobbying again where he left off.

“The rules are there for a reason and they have to apply to everyone.”

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