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Experts claims government set to ask Brits to wear masks

by LLB Reporter
22nd Apr 20 4:16 pm

The government could be set to change their official advice on wearing face masks, experts have said.

Britons could be told to wear face masks at work and on public transport, after scientists told government ministers they could help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Scientists argue the protective gear could help stop asymptomatic people, who are those that are infected but don’t show any symptoms, from passing on the disease.

Recently the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is demanding that all Londoners should wear face masks to prevent the spread and exposure of coronavirus.

He believes that Londoners should be obligated to wear face masks whilst in public, and his decision is based on scientific guidance.

Speaking to the BBC Khan said, “I am hopeful that the advice from scientists will change.

“The evidence around the world is that this is effective.

“I am lobbying our government, our advisers to change their advice and I want us to do that sooner rather than later.”

Boris Gorbunov, Technical Director of ANCON Medical said, “This modelling reinforces what we have heard from leading scientific figures around the world on the prevalence of the airborne spread of coronavirus.

“Face masks show substantial reductions in the concentration of aerosol particles generated by sneezing or coughing, particularly at distances more than 10m.

“The results indicate that when a person who may or may not be carrying the virus wears a mask, the number of droplets with coronavirus which are emitted by coughing and sneezing is reduced by more than 10 times.

“Additionally, a healthy individual wearing a mask reduces the infection transmission considerably, practically to zero.”

Previously, the UK’s health minister Helen Whately has said that the use of face masks in public is not “recommended” and what it is important, is “handwashing.”

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