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Europe warned Putin ‘will not stop’ as he wants to ‘turn the clock back’ to recreate the USSR and invade more countries

20th Feb 22 2:28 pm

The British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has warned that Vladimir Putin “will not stop” if he invades Ukraine as he will attack more countries as he wants to recreate the fallen USSR.

The Foreign Secretary has warned that Putin wants to “turn the clock back” and will attempt to regain control of “huge swathes of Eastern Europe” to recreate the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Truss told the Mail on Sunday, We need to stop Putin because he will not stop at Ukraine.

“He’s been very clear, his ambition doesn’t just lead to him taking control of Ukraine, he wants to turn the clock back to the mid 1990s or even before then.”

The USSR was founded in 1922 until 1991 which consisted of 15 republics and Truss warned the Balkan States, such as Estonia and Latvia and the Western Balkans, including Serbia and Albania, are all at risk.

The British Foreign Secretary warned that “Putin has said all of this publicly, that he wants to create the Greater Russia, that he wants to go back to the situation as it was before where Russia had control over huge swathes of Eastern Europe.

“It could be Ukraine next week but then which country will it be next?”

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The British Prime Minister issued a plea to the Kremlin at the 11th hour to de-escalate in a speech at the Munich Security Conference.

Boris Johnson said, “I believe that Russia would have absolutely nothing to gain from this catastrophic venture and everything to lose.”

Johnson told the summit in Munich, “If Ukraine is invaded and if Ukraine is overwhelmed, we will witness the destruction of a democratic state, a country that has been free for a generation, with a proud history of elections.

“And every time Western ministers have visited Kyiv, we have reassured the people of Ukraine and their leaders that we stand four-square behind their sovereignty and independence.

“How hollow, how meaningless, how insulting those words would seem if at the very moment when their sovereignty and independence is imperilled we simply look away.”

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