Home Business News Russia loses an entire elite Airborne Regiment with forces heading to Belarus ‘reorganise and resupply’

Russia loses an entire elite Airborne Regiment with forces heading to Belarus ‘reorganise and resupply’

30th Mar 22 2:08 pm

Vladimir Putin has been totally humiliated after hundreds of his troops are retreating to Belarus after they have suffered huge losses in Ukraine.

Russian forces are being forced to retreat to reorganise their units, the British Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) latest intelligenece update suggests.

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Eerik N KrossFormer intelligence director and adviser in Georgia, Iraq, Ukraine, Moldova and to the Estonian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee has reported that Russia has lost an entire elite unit.

Kross said on social media, “The whole command of the Russia’s 331st Guards Airborne Regiment is KIA in Ukraine.

“The commander, colonel Sukharev was killed March 18.

“Now the chief of staff Lt Colonel Igor Sukharev with several staff officers is confirmed killed. This unit was responsible of Ilovaisk massacre in 2014.”

The Ukraine war is now on day 35 and the MoD said that Russian forces are heading back to Belarus to “reorganise and resupply”which will add “further pressure” on Russia’s logistical issues.

In a statement, the MoD said, “Russian units suffering heavy losses have been forced to return to Belarus and Russia to reorganise and resupply.

“Such activity is placing further pressure on Russia’s already strained logistics and demonstrates the difficulties Russia is having reorganising its units in forward areas within Ukraine.

“Russia will likely continue to compensate for its reduced ground manoeuvre capability through mass artillery and missile strikes.

“Russia’s stated focus on an offensive in Donetsk and Luhansk is likely a tacit admission that it is struggling to sustain more than one significant axis of advance.”

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