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Drivers warned of £1,000 fine for simply pressing play on playlists whilst driving

by LLB Reporter
24th May 23 9:54 am

A new study by the car insurance team at Comparethemarket reveals how confident drivers in the UK feel while behind the wheel, as well as the driving scenarios and situations motorists feel the most and least confident with. 

Across the UK, 82% of motorists consider themselves confident while driving

82% of motorists consider themselves confident when driving, with Brighton being home to the highest proportion of self-proclaimed confident drivers (86%). The seaside city is closely followed by those living in Bristol and Cardiff (85%).

Those living in Glasgow and Norwich have the lowest confidence levels while driving

Glasgow and Norwich are home to the least confident drivers in the UK, with 9% and 7% of drivers in these cities claiming to lack confidence behind the wheel – both figures are much higher than the UK average of 4%. 

UK motorists feel most confident driving on residential roads 

Different driving situations can impact how confident someone feels behind the wheel. 85% of motorists admit to feeling most confident when driving on residential roads, while 83% of drivers claim to feel the most confident with someone in the passenger seat, and 82% saying they feel confident while listening to music when driving. 

UK motorists feel least confident when driving in snow and fog

Unsurprisingly, driving in more challenging conditions proves to be the most nerve-wracking driving scenarios, as 38% of drivers claim to lack confidence driving in the snow, and 32% agree to feeling unconfident when driving in fog. Driving a truck ties for second (32%), while parallel parking is the third most nerve-wracking driving scenario for motorists with 24% saying it makes them feel unconfident.

Julie Daniels at Comparethemarket shares the benefits of boosting driving confidence and offers advice on how to do this.

Daniels said, “It’s encouraging to see that over eight in ten motorists admit to feeling confident while driving, however confidence behind the wheel is crucial for all drivers.

“Although there are many scenarios that drivers feel less confident with, there’s plenty they can do to improve this. By planning journeys ahead of time to familiarise yourself with the roads you’ll be using, practicing in different driving scenarios, and driving at a lower speed, you can build your driving confidence over time.”

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