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Costa coffee warns 1,650 jobs at risk

by LLB Reporter
3rd Sep 20 1:05 pm

Costa coffee has warned that 1,650 jobs are at risk due to the impact over the pandemic as they need to cut costs.

The high street coffee chain informed staff on Thursday that consultations have started which could have an impact on a 10th of roles.

Costa closed all 2,700 stores across the UK for six weeks during the lockdown and have since reopened 2,400 sites.

Despite calls from the Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging people to return back to the office, high streets have become ghost towns.

This has caused “high levels of uncertainty as to when trade will recover to pre-Covid levels,” which had seen Pret A Manger announcing job cuts of 2,800 roles last week.

Neil Lake, managing director for Costa Coffee UK and Ireland said, “Today’s announcement to our store teams was an extremely difficult decision to make.

“Our baristas are the heart of the Costa business and I am truly sorry that many now face uncertainty following today’s news.

“We have had to make these difficult decisions to protect the business and ensure we safeguard as many jobs as possible for our 16,000 team members, whilst emerging stronger ready for future growth.

“As a proud member of the UK high street, we remain committed to the role Costa plays in supporting the economic recovery of the country, but today I want to say a huge thank you to all of our team members that are affected by this announcement and we will be supporting you throughout this process.”

Andy Barr, retail expert and co-founder of online price tracking website www.alertr.co.uk added, “Although it is clear that many companies are struggling throughout the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any jobs being created, as the good news coming out of Amazon shows.

“It is a hard time for many, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and not all is lost. Companies naturally need to think about safeguarding their future as a whole, and if cutting jobs now will mean they can continue to operate in the long run, then that is unfortunately what needs to happen.

“There is a lot of help out there for those who may be suffering most and a lot of people are having to make complete career changes in order to pay the bills. However, this could soon change for the better and hopefully as time goes on we will see more and more companies increase their job opportunities as things start to look up again.”

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