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Clearabee skip hire helps hoarders

by John Saunders
26th Jun 19 12:07 pm

Without having to look at the statistics, it’s a well-known fact that most people are hoarders. Yes, we tend to keep stuff that has little to no value to us in many possible ways. Mostly, the clutter, that is more than often useless has some sort of sentimental value to us and getting rid of it would be detrimental to the precious memories they hold. Decluttering is a very important exercise in our lives. It can is basically removal of waste from your living area. Benefits of removing the unwanted and valueless junk are numerous to say the least.

Cluttering and hoarding of things that are considered waste is mainly associated with the elderly. Sometimes the clutter may be too much that it takes up so much of the living space area making rooms look smaller and stuffy. Often, cluttering is characterized by disorganization and is overall considered unhealthy.

Skip hire from Clearabee

Clearabee is a well-known, UK based company that can help you declutter in the most effective. They have a variety of options for you to pick from on the most effective way to handle you waste. They remove the rubbish from you living premises that you feel are not wanted. They offer skip hire services which is a very effective solution. They can place a skip hire in your premises if you want the waste to stay for a period of time before removing the skip, or if the skip is heavy. From a different angle, a skip can be thought to be a large dustbin that is place outside and disposed of once full.

If you do not fancy a skip hire due to personal reasons like environmental pollution, or it being a sore sight distorting the aesthetic value on the kerbside, you can opt for man and van rubbish clearance. Clearabee is the largest company in the UK in terms of this service. This is their most popular waste disposal service. Their services are very flexible. You as the client get to decide a number of factors like; the amount of rubbish collected by the binmen, the time and date of collection. They operate through their in-house removal teams exclusively.

They offer skip-bags, Clearabee bee bags, for you to put your rubbish in. You can select the size and number of bags you want and place and order online. They will deliver it to you free of charge. You fill it, they collect it. That’s the basic principle. The clearabee bags are a great solution for both bulky and light waste. They are durable and will contain most of your rubbish as long as it is not too heavy.

Clearabee is an environmentally sound company so you can trust them to properly dispose of your waste. They are equipped with the best possible systems making them able to handle all sorts of waste. They recycle more than 90% of what they collect ensuring an eco-friendly system. Also, about 95% of the waste they collect is diverted away from landfill and they offset the carbon dioxide from their vehicles by over 150%. If you want to procure their services, it’s quite simple, you go online and order their service and they will get back to you.


So if you are looking to declutter your space or just want to get rid of any type of waste whatsoever in an eco-friendly manner, simply look for Clearabee. Their service charts alone speaks volumes on how professionally they conduct their business.

Removing rubbish. It’s what they do. Most of the skips they offer can be delivered next day with flexible removal.

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