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Call for Dominic Cummings to give evidence at parliamentary committee

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
17th Feb 20 12:46 pm

SNP Westminster Ieader Ian Blackford has called for Dominic Cummings, the prime ministers non-elected chief advisor to give evidence before a parliamentary committee.

He expressed concerns over the “revolving door” of ministers within the UK government after last weeks reshuffle.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland on Monday Blackford said, “I’ve written to the clerk of the Liaison Committee to ask that he use his powers to make sure that Dominic Cummings appears before that committee.

“It’s been clear for a long period of time that this is the power behind the throne.”

He added, “It’s right that the Prime Minister is questioned by the committee, but also the person that’s responsible, the power behind the throne Dominic Cummings, who is having such an impact on government which has seen not just the removal of ministers but special advisers losing their job as he continues to play games in Number 10.”

Blackford likened Johnson’s actions to that of US President Donald Trump when asked over Johnson’s right to determine his owm ministers in his Cabinet.

He said, “That’s why it’s important that Parliament does its job and the Liaison Committee, which is the chair of all the select committees, doesn’t just call the prime minister but uses its power to call Dominic Cummings, who we know is having a significant impact on the way this prime minister is behaving, so we can hold this government and Dominic Cummings to account.”

When the Westminster SNP leader was asked for evidence over the prime minster running the government in a presidential manner, he said, “The charge which is made, and rightly so, is that what the prime minister is doing supported by Dominic Cummings, is surrounding himself with yes men and women that will do his bidding.

“If you look at the history over the course of modern times you haven’t seen the reshuffle to the extent that’s taking place in the recent past, it’s a revolving door which is taking place.

“The key element of this is that if you don’t do the bidding of Boris Johnson, if you don’t accept everything that he wants to do, then you’re going to leave.”

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