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Boris warns Tory rebels to back tier system or face third lockdown

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
30th Nov 20 12:12 pm

There are around 100 Tory rebels who have “concerns” over the Prime Ministers’ new three tier system and are demanding “hard evidence” to convince them to back the system.

Boris Johnson has given the Tory backbenchers an ultimatum, back the new three tier system which comes into force from Thursday, or England could face a third national lockdown.

On Saturday Johnson wrote to the Tory rebels and offered an olive branch by saying some areas in tier 2 and 3 could be moved down a level.

However, he said this is dependant on “robust evidence” infections have fallen within those areas, and warned “tougher tiers” are needed to curtail the virus.

In the Prime Ministers’ letter he wrote, “if we are to keep the virus under control and avoid either overwhelming the NHS or another national lockdown which is far more damaging and restrictive than these tiers.”

Johnson added, “These will not be easy decisions. With Christmas round the corner, and the difficult months of January and February ahead, we will need to continue to exercise caution.”

Speaking to Sky News, the Environment Secretary, George Eustice said up to 100 Tory backbenchers have “concerns” over the new tier restrictions.

Eustice told Sky News, “The chief whip, obviously, will be talking to those MPs who have got concerns. I’ve seen suggestions that there could be up to 100 or so people that have got concerns.”

He added, “I think there is great frustration with the emergency measures that we have had to take to deal with this pandemic.

“We haven’t taken them lightly.

“We have had to take these to get the virus under control. ‘What we need to show to those MPs and to the country at large is that we have got a clear route towards fixing this problem and turning the corner.”

If the government wins the vote on the new three tier system, then 99% of England will be placed into tier 2 and 3 meaning there will be very tight restrictions on the hospitality sector with a ban on households mixing together indoors.

Only Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and the Scilly Islands will be in tier 1 restrictions.

However, Johnson needs to win over the 100 Tory backbenchers along with the Labour Party, who remain “undecided,” and if they do vote against the new system along with the rebellion, then Johnson may well lose.

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