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Boris Johnson believes Putin will ‘double down’ as he can see ‘no way out’ but to ‘continue with destruction’

by LLB political Reporter
5th Mar 22 9:46 am

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he believes that Vladimir Putin intends to “double down” on his onslaught in Ukraine as he can see “no way out” but to “continue with destruction.”

Johnson spoke about the night he had a call from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was “extremely concerned” when the nuclear power station in Zaporizhzhia was attacked and seized by Russian forces.

Johnson warned that the escalating war in Ukraine risks “radioactive clouds” hitting Europe.

In an interview with foreign media on Friday, Johnson spoke of his call with Zelensky, he said, “He rang me to say something that I agreed with profoundly, which is: an attack on a nuclear power plant or an explosion at a nuclear power plant are clearly a matter of our common European health and safety.

“Our security is equally involved, equally jeopardised by such an attack.

“We remember what happened with Chernobyl, the radioactive clouds spread over the whole continent, and indeed, also to North America, as far as I can remember.

“There is clearly a risk.

“Although the incident has been contained and the IAEA says there’s no excessive radioactivity, I am concerned about how we stop a disaster: there are other Ukrainian plants and there are certainly other Ukrainian radioactive nuclear waste sites.

“One of the things we need to consider is how we’re going to work together to prevent such a disaster. I don’t think the answers are easy, but we need to work on it.”

When asked how nuclear plants can be protected, he said, “We have to make clear to the Kremlin that a civilian nuclear disaster in Ukraine, another Chernobyl, is a disaster for Russia as well as for everybody.

“Therefore, I think that some system of protecting those plants, some system of ensuring that radioactivity levels are monitored by international authorities, such as the UN and the IAEA on the ground, is going to be extremely important.”

Johnson said it appears that Putin is set on continuing with the “destruction” in Ukraine.

He added, “It feels to me as though Vladimir Putin has decided to – and it’s clear from what’s happening – that he’s decided to double down.

“He sees no way out of the cul-de-sac that he’s in, except to continue with the destruction, the pulverising of innocent populations, in innocent European cities.

“So we will have to respond together with an intensified package. I also want to thank and to congratulate other European governments, all of whom have now really stepped up to the plate in delivering support for the Ukrainians and support for the Ukrainian right to self-defence.

“We must not accept the narrative of Vladimir Putin that this is about him versus Nato, or him versus the West.”

Johnson added, “The last few weeks have shown that Nato is stronger than ever, more relevant than ever. When we went to Estonia or Poland, just this week, you feel it there. They want Nato.”

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