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Boris cannot guarantee 21 June lockdown end date

by LLB Politics Reporter
23rd Feb 21 12:12 pm

The Prime Minister has said that he cannot guarantee that the 21 June target for easing all restriction will be met, but he is “very optimistic.”

When Boris Johnson was asked if four months is a realistic time to end the lockdown he said, “I’m very optimistic that we’ll be able to get there.”

Johnson said, “I’m hopeful but obviously nothing can be guaranteed and it all depends on the way we continue to be prudent and continue to follow the guidance in each stage.

“Genuinely because of the immense possibilities of the rollout, because science has given us this way of creating a shield around our population, we can really look at that June 21 date with some optimism.

“I think that’s how I would put it. I’m very optimistic that we’ll be able to get there.”

As a result of Johnson’s announcement he made to the Commons on Monday there has been a surge in holiday bookings fo Greece, Spain and Turkey.

Michael Gove the Duchy of Lancaster has been appointed to lead a review as to whether or not vaccine passports are a good idea.

He has tasked Gove to find the “best scientific, moral, philosophical, ethical viewpoints,” as “there are deep and complex” issues to be explored.

The Prime Minister said speaking from a school in Lewisham, South East London, “This is an area where we’re looking at a novelty for our country, we haven’t had stuff like this before, we’ve never thought in terms of having something that you have to show to go to a pub or a theatre.

“There are deep and complex issues that we need to explore, and ethical issues about what the role is for government in mandating or for people to have such a thing or indeed in banning from people doing such a thing.

“We can’t be discriminatory against people who for whatever reason people can’t have the vaccine, there might be medical reasons why people can’t have a vaccine.

“Or some people may generally refuse to have one, I think that’s mistaken, I think everybody should have a vaccine but we need to thrash all this out.”

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