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Boris attended yet another Downing Street party and is set to throw aides under the bus to save his job, it is claimed

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
17th Jan 22 10:27 am

It has been revealed that Boris Johnson attended another party in Downing Street in the run up to Christmas 2020, where a leaving do was held for his defence advisor Captain Steve Higham where the Prime Minister gave a speech.

The Mirror has reported that rather than accept any responsibility for jamboree’s at Downing Street, aides could be sacked as the civil servants will be thrown under the bus.

Sunday Times columnist Dominic Lawson has claimed that the 20 May 2020 shindig, Johnson was warned by at least two people that the email invite to staff was indeed a party and not a work event, the Mirror reported.

Last Wednesday during Prime Minister Questions, Johnson gave an apology to the House of Commons over the party, and he now face claims that he has misled the Commons and breached the ministerial code.

Lawson’s claims suggest that the Prime Minister possibly did know more about the parties than he said.

Lawson who is a very well-connected columnist said, “Last week I spoke to a former Downing Street official who said at least two people had told the PM, after seeing the emailed ­invitation from Martin Reynolds that this was ‘a party’ and should be immediately cancelled.

“I was told that Johnson’s dismissive response was to say they were ‘overreacting’ and to praise Reynolds as ‘my loyal Labrador.’

“I then asked someone who has known the PM for decades what could have made him take such an approach (other than natural hospitality and affability).

“His immediate answer was: ‘It’s because deep down he obviously thought the regulations were ridiculous, so why should he observe them?’”

However, Downing Street were quick to comment and said, “It is untrue that the Prime Minister was warned about the event in advance.

“As he said earlier this week he believed implicitly that this was a work event.”

But the Mirror has revealed that the Prime Minister gave a speech to thank Captain Higham’s service at Downing Street in the run up to Christmas 2020.

The paper said it is understood that Johnson was “there for a few minutes to thank him for his service” as a “small number of No10 staff briefly said goodbye.”

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner said the new revelations showed “a pattern of lying and holding the British public in contempt”

She added, “He’s not fit to be Prime Minister and should resign.”

“This blows the Prime Minister’s final defence out of the water.

“First he told the British public that all guidance was followed in Number 10.

“Then the Prime Minister was dragged to Parliament kicking and screaming to tell us he had drinks in the garden with staff – but did not know he was at a party.

“Now we find out he was warned these events were breaking the rules but dismissed staff as overreacting.”

The Liberal Democrats have said they’ve found cross party support to call for a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister and are urging Tory MPs to back this.

The motion has been signed by 18 MPs across four parties, this includes all 13 Lib Dems, with two Labour MPs, two from Plaid Cymru, along with Stephen Garry from the Alliance Party.

The motion states that Parliament has no confidence in Boris Johnson as he has “broken the Covid lockdown laws his government introduced, misled both Parliament and the public about it, and disastrously undermined public confidence in the midst of a pandemic.”

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