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Belarusian troops carry out a ‘special operation’ in Ukraine and Lukashenko warns ‘there can be no negotiations without Belarus’

by LLB political Reporter
10th Apr 22 9:21 am

The dictator of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko has admitted that his troops carried out there own “special operation” in Ukraine and has been seen as an “accomplice of the aggressor.”

Lukashenko has been long associated with Vladimir Putin and has been involved with the war in Ukraine since 24 February and accused Ukrainian troops of being “scoundrels” that captured  Belarusian’s.

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Lukashenko told the state-run news agency Belta, “It got to the point that these scoundrels began to capture our people there, primarily drivers…that happened to be there at the time.

“I warned the Ukrainians that we would be forced to carry out an operation to free these people. We carried out such a special operation and freed all our people.”

Lukashenko has rejected being seen as Putin’s “accomplice of the aggressor” in Ukraine but has admitted to sending in his own soldiers.

He slammed the West for tagging him with Putin and complained that he is not part of the negotiations.

Lukashenko said, “There can be no negotiations without Belarus.

“If you dragged us into this – primarily western countries – then Belarus’s position naturally should be heard at talks.

“We don’t proceed from the fact that we’ve been put into the same basket together with Russia.

“No. We proceed from the fact that this war is just over the fence of our country. And it is most seriously affecting the situation in Belarus.

“This is why there can be no separate agreements behind Belarus’ back.”

Lukashenko added that he does not want a “war” on his border as they could “end up suffering the most.”

He said, “We don’t need this war, because we can end up suffering the most as a result of this conflict, the conflict between the two Slavic peoples.

“I have been saying this from the very first day of this confrontation between Ukraine and Russia.

“We once again offered Russia and Ukraine a safe place for negotiations.

“Our initiative was heard, appreciated and accepted. Belarus hosted three meetings of Russians and Ukrainians where they charted ways towards a peace deal.

“However, professional actions of our military and diplomats went unnoticed in the West.

“Belarus was declared an accomplice of the aggressor for no good reason. This was immediately followed by new sanctions.”

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