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Basketball: Betting types and best betting tactics

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23rd Apr 21 12:30 pm

Basketball is one of the most dynamic and spectacular sports. This game is popular not only among fans around the world but also among betting fans. Bookmakers, knowing about it, during almost the whole calendar year include basketball in their lines. In this article, Telecomasia.net will talk about the most popular types of bets on this sport and on what is better to bet.

Types of basketball bets

Everyone knows that the number of outcomes offered to the bettor depends on the specific bookmaker’s office. However, the main types of bets remain as follows:

  • The main outcome;
  • Handicap (spread);
  • Total

If we talk about the main outcome, it is possible to bet on the victory of one of the teams and a draw. Before betting on basketball, you should know which events are calculated with and without extra time. Sometimes the total and handicap are calculated according to one rule, while the main event is calculated differently. If a player bets with extra time, a draw is excluded, so the bettor only has to decide who he thinks is the favourite.

The second main bet is a handicap. This is how basketball refers to the difference in points in favour of one of the teams. The bettor predicts whether the handicap will be higher or lower than the average. For example, if a club’s handicap is 5.5, the bettor needs the team to win by at least 6 points. If the betting handicap is + 5.5, a loss is allowed, but by a difference of no more than 5 points.

Total bets assume that the bettor is trying to predict whether more or less than a certain number of goals will be scored in a quarter or the entire match. At the same time, in live mode, the total values ​​and odds are constantly changing, so you can catch very good options.

It should be borne in mind that in the European championships the match lasts 40 minutes (quarters of 10 minutes), and in the NBA they play 48 minutes (quarters of 12 minutes). This significantly affects the average total, which can be general, individual team and even individual for each specific player.

Also, large bookmaker companies allow betting on assists, rebounds and other indicators of players. At the same time, star basketball players or the best in the team are selected, and bets on these events in the line are added right on the day of the match.

What’s best to bet on

Particularly popular among bettors are betting on basketball in quarters. Each represents a mini-match. Team coaches are constantly changing tactics, basketball players play different combinations and are constantly changing. Most basketball betting strategies are based on the fact that by the third quarter the players may accumulate fatigue, due to which there are certain changes in the game, which are reflected in the outcome (the underdog can take over the favorite), handicap and total (it may be less than the average if it was achieved in the previous quarters).

How effective is it to play in quarters

The experience of the bettor and his preparation are of great importance here. Before making a bet, it is necessary to carefully study all the fights that are in the bookmaker’s line, and among them select those that seem to be the most successful in terms of making a prediction. With the right selection of matches, the chance of success for quarter bets can be over 65%.

Using this tactic, you can face a series of losses, but it is important to remain calm and not bet on emotion, even in periods of declines. With a competent approach and strict adherence to the plan over the long run, you will still be in the black.


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