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Another armed rebellion in Russia is ‘not far off’ as the ‘growth of dissatisfied’ Russians is rising

by LLB political Reporter
1st Aug 23 3:24 pm

A senior Ukrainian official has said that another armed rebellion in Russia is “not too far off in time,” which comes after Wagner Group “marched on Moscow” in June demanding top military leaders to be removed.

Vladimir Putin is still dealing with the embarrassment and political fallout of Wagner fighters armed rebellion which has shattered the Russian leaders feeling of being invincible.

Oleksiy Danilov said, “The current situation for the Kremlin is such that the unrealised desire for a second offensive on Kyiv will be overshadowed by the urgent need to prepare to meet a second march on Moscow.

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“This event is not too far off in time. The paste is squeezed out of the tube – the growth of protests by dissatisfied people of various colours in Russia – cannot be stuffed back in.”

Russian civilians could also “threaten Putin’s regime” as Mikhail Turchenko who is an expert on Russia’s political policies published an essay on “Riddle Russia.”

Turchenko wrote, “Putin’s dictatorship is now not threatened by either a coup or a protest.

“A resolution of the war in Putin’s favour could fossilise the regime until the dictator dies.”

He added, “The war of aggression against Ukraine is a constant source of uncertainty that could undermine the status quo at any moment.

“One way or another, the threats to Putin’s regime can only come from Russian citizens: deteriorating living conditions can topple the equilibrium within the country, elevating the costs of maintaining the status quo above the costs of protest.

“However, the people need to be politicised and this is the task for the Russian opposition groups. They can do it together.

“They can do it in parallel. The main thing is to avoid conflicts.”

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