Home Business News Staunch Putin ally warns Russia could ‘cease to exist’ as ‘gradually the war is returning to the territory’

Staunch Putin ally warns Russia could ‘cease to exist’ as ‘gradually the war is returning to the territory’

1st Aug 23 10:35 am

A staunch ally of Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia could “cease to exist” which comes as Kyiv’s forces are continuing with their counteroffensive.

If Russia fails to win against Ukraine counteroffensive, deputy chairman of the Russian parliament’s lower house, Pyotr Tolstoy warned the fate of Russia is at risk.

Appearing on Russian television he said, “Right now, we’re in a situation where either we win in this war, or we cease to exist as a people and a nation.”

Tolstoy added, “Either they destroy us or we destroy them.

“Let me reiterate: the fate of our country is at stake. It’s either us or them.”

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His warning came after Ukraine launched drones in Moscow which hit buildings a few miles from the Kremlin.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the drones targeted Moscow in an “attempted terrorist attack by the Kyiv regime.”

Putin has been warned that the “war will hit Russia” which comes after Ukraine has intensified attacks inside the Russian Federation.

Speaking in a video President Zelensky said, “Russian aggression has gone bankrupt on the battlefield. Today is already the five hundred and twenty-second day of the so-called “special military operation.

Ukraine is getting stronger. Gradually, the war is returning to Russia‘s territory – to its symbolic centres and military bases, and this is an inevitable, natural and fair process.

“But we must be aware that, just like last year, Russian terrorists can still attack our energy sector and critical facilities this winter.

“Today we discussed with the communities the current state of preparation for all possible scenarios.”

“All of the people who think the war ‘doesn’t concern them’ — it’s already touching them,” spokesperson Yurii Ihnat told journalists Sunday.

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