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Putin mocked that he will die a beaten man and ‘wont’ live that many years’

by LLB political Reporter
1st Aug 23 3:04 pm

President Volodymyr Zelensky mocked Vladimir Putin “won’t live that many years” after claims the war cold last for thirty years.

President Zelensky said that Putin will dies a beaten man and won’t live for long which comes as there has been many rumours the Russian leader is sick, and not just mentally.

President Zelensky said during a speech, “It can’t, Putin won’t live that many years.

“He did not fight in Syria at the pace he is fighting us.

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“That is why he will not stand 30 years. He will not exist, he will die. This, obviously, is absolute.”

He said that Putin, 70 will not live another ten years, he added, the Russian leader “won’t survive even ten years. He is not that figure.”

Speaking to Brazil’s TV Globo President Zelensky said that the Russian Army know “deep down” they will not win the war in Ukraine.

He said, “All their actions on the battlefield indicate that today Russia is not able to completely occupy Ukraine and destroy us.

“Their desires are the same.

“But deep down in their hearts, they all already realise that they can no longer. They cannot.”

President Zelensky added, “They were capable at the beginning of it. They thought they would.

“And we did something inside the state and from outside that we were able to become stronger than them.”‌

He continued, “As long as we are alive, we will not let them become as strong as they were.”

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