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All tied up: Why bespoke ties matter

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16th Jun 21 10:13 am

It’s a fact that you don’t know how much you miss a thing until it has gone. When we were children, we all fought against the horror of wearing thick-rimmed NHS style specs. Now we all clamber to find the ugliest, most ironic pair of glasses we can simply because we have the freedom to choose. Predictably, much the same has happened with the tie. Several years ago even big business ruled that wearing a tie to the office was no longer obligatory, and ever since, the tie has enjoyed a style resurgence. With individuality at a premium, bespoke ties are the way to go.

A time to tie

The old school tie can partly thank Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond and the current popularity of costume dramas such as ‘The Crown’ for its renaissance. Classic men’s fashions are always in style and a man wearing a tie somehow appears to be more serious, more affluent and more alluring. It says that he is prepared to take on the world, that he is committed and knows how to sell himself. The very fact that ties are no longer strictly required means that they mark the wearer out as an individual, and a bespoke tie means you can put your stamp on your tie and be creative.

A personal choice

However, a bespoke design tie not only speaks of individuality but also of personal, unique taste. Whether it is a regimental insignia, a college stripe, or a brass band emblem, a bespoke ties design says so much about the person wearing it. A bespoke colour scheme, logo, or pattern is utterly exclusive to you. It is amazing how a thin strip of fabric can give this impression, whilst adding some real interest to your outfit.

A mark of respect

In a world where our dress code is increasingly relaxed, it may also be considered a pleasure to dress up for an occasion and choose one’s own design. Regardless of whether the event is sad, such as a funeral, or perhaps happy such as a wedding or christening, a tie denotes that the wearer is showing respect for the gravity of the event. An interview board loves a candidate wearing a tie and it bodes well for success. A bespoke tie also finishes an outfit, completes the look and, of course, can be worn by any sex and at any age and still look enormously elegant – as Marlene Dietrich proved. Far from being ‘exclusive’, ultimately, the best thing about a tie is that it is inclusive. Perhaps the best thing of all is that when a tie is bespoke, there is only one and that makes it special.

All tied up

The moral of the story is that the bespoke tie lives on not only as an important part of anyone’s wardrobe but also as a means of communicating. It can be official, sexy, humorous or respectful. It can be worn in so many different ways and, most importantly, when it is a bespoke design, it is all about you. Any pattern, colour or design can be made to suit one’s mood, match an outfit or tell the world that you are here and ready to go. The only limit to a bespoke design is your own imagination.

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