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46% of Brits do not currently have the NHS track and trace app

by LLB Reporter
27th Jul 21 1:18 pm

Norstat who are Europe’s largest independent data collection company, has announced its latest consumer insights over the NHS track and trace app.

The findings are based on a nationally representative sample of 2,000 people in the UK, which were gathered on the 27 July 2021.

With the legal requirement to wear a face covering having ended, and many businesses welcoming the rollout of workplace testing, the UK government is offering businesses more control over decisions regarding Covid.

However, although employers may be welcoming such autonomy, can the same be said for employees? Norstat polled 2,000 people in the UK to find out their response, which found the majority of 18–34 year olds, or 75% would be willing to take regular Covid tests for their employers.

The polling also found that London, East and South East region would be most willing, with 61% of people saying yes to regular testing, in comparison to 52% in both the Midlands and the North.

Some 21% of Brits said that they already take regular Covid tests for their job, whilst 73% of 18-35-year-olds are most willing to wear masks at work.

Norstat also found that in comparison, 64% of 34-54-year-olds would wear a mask at work, with 71% of people living in the London, East and SE region would be willing to wear masks at work, while the Midlands and the North had 65% and 66% respectively.

Rob Agnew, Managing Director at Norstat UK said, “There seems to be a sense of caution and concern over the sudden removal of Covid restrictions in the UK this week.

“As some venture back into their places of work, and others continuing to work in customer-facing roles, the UK workforce is resistant to return to pre-Covid life whilst cases are still high.”

“As expected, the number of Brits willing to test regularly and wear masks is higher in and around the capital, due to the difficulty of maintaining social distance in places with a higher density of people.”

The ongoing “pingdemic” due to the NHS Test and Trace app which is alerting Brits who may have come into contact with Covid, has caused tens of thousands of supermarket, hospitality and supply staff to self-isolate, causing mass staff shortages across the UK workforce.

This has raised more concern over the app’s use and its effectiveness and almost half of Brits (46%) do not currently have the NHS track and trace app, whilst 40% of 55+ have never had the app, and don’t plan on getting it.

Norstat’s findings also showed that 40% of 18-34-year-olds think the app is effective, whilst 34-54-year-olds have less faith in the app, with 29% thinking it’s effective, with only 6% of Brits think the app is “very effective.”

Agnew added, “The ‘pingdemic’ is proving a growing problem for front line and hospitality workers, negatively affecting many businesses with a constant cycle of Covid cases and symptoms.

“With self-isolation measures still in place for those double jabbed until mid-August, the ‘pingdemic’ could have a potentially disastrous effect on the economic recovery.”

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