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What you need to know about high roller Blackjack

by John Saunders
15th Dec 20 5:07 pm

One of the most widely played games in casinos around the world is blackjack. Card counting, game strategy and the multitude of references in TV series and films means that blackjack has become known as one of the most iconic casino games of all time. The main objective of blackjack is relatively simple — beat the dealer without going over 21. Because going over means you’ve lost the game.

Unlike online slots or roulette, blackjack is a strategic game. Which means it might not be for the players who like to leisurely take their chances without having to think too much about it. But for those who like to increase their skill sets and really rack their brains it’s a highly rewarding activity. Both from a bragging rights point of view as well as the chance to increase you bank roll.

Blackjack can be for almost every player across a range of levels. It’s not too difficult to learn and you don’t need to bet huge sums. For those who really want to increase their excitement and experience some big adrenaline, there’s always high roller blackjack.
Want to find out more? There’s lots of info here and read on for everything you need to know.

What exactly is high roller blackjack?

 High roller back, also known as high limit or high stakes blackjack, can mean different things to different players.  Some players may feel like $25 is a lot to spend while playing, while others start at $500 and build from there. While there isn’t a specific figure, you know you’re playing high roller blackjack when you’re willing to drop quite a bit of hard earned cash and take some big risks, with the potential for even bigger rewards.

High roller blackjack games tend to be much more exciting than regular blackjack games because the stakes are so much higher. As blackjack offers the highest percentage pay out, it’s easy to see why high rollers might want to place their bets on the high roller version. Many casinos have ‘high roller tables’ so that you can differentiate between them and normal blackjack tables.

What are the advantages to playing high roller blackjack?

 One of the huge advantages to any high roller are the special treatments and benefits you can receive from casinos that you wouldn’t get if you were to play at lower stakes. Casinos need high rollers to survive, and so they are always keen on ensuring their players are having a great experience while playing games at their casino.

At land based casinos, this often comes in the form of various great comps. From free drinks, to free hotel rooms, dinner and more, casinos want to offer their high roller customers as much as they can to keep them playing at their tables, and away from those of the competition. If you’re willing to risk the money, you want to be treated well — and high rollers are often privy to this experience. Some casinos even offer higher point-to-cash conversion rates, faster deposits and payouts, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, a personal account manager. This is an addition to other perks like improved promotional offers and bonuses, tickets to shows, events and holidays and a whole lot more, depending of course on the casino.

At online casinos, there is often a VIP program to take part in. The more you play, and the higher the stakes, the more incentives there are and bonuses on offer. It’s one of the ways that online casinos are able to replicate the land-based casino experience so that their players aren’t missing out. It’s also a way to attract high rollers to online tables more frequently over land based ones.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages to playing high roller blackjack, other than the excitement, is the chance at a big pay out. It’s the reason why people play high stakes over low stakes, because there’s nothing like a big win when you’ve added a bit of risk to the game.

The disadvantages

 One of the biggest disadvantages to high roller blackjack is the very risk that makes it so exciting. The higher the stakes are, the more you have to lose. It’s important to always play within your bankroll to get the best gaming experience possible, so before you hit the high roller tables online or in land-based casinos, ensure you’re sticking within your casino game budget.

If you’re playing online, be sure to ensure you’re playing with a trusted casino brand. Reliable online casinos will have tight security in place when it comes to your online data, whether that’s personal data like name and addresses or payment methods. Transferring larger amounts of money online always comes with a bit of a risk but going with a well-reviewed and trusted casino is the best way of keeping your bankroll funds, and important data, safe.

Many of these online games are produced by respected global companies like NetEnt, Playtech and Evolution gaming, who will ensure you have the most exceptional casino experience possible.

Is it for you?

Ultimately like any casino game, you need to stay on top of your bank roll to ensure you’re not risking too much. Keeping a healthy bank roll ensures that you can play more of the games you love for a longer period of time, and not have to experience too much by the way of losses. But if you enjoy blackjack, and you have the funds available to you, adding high roller black jack to your casino evening is a great way to enjoy all that casino games have to offer, including excitement, chances and a big win and more.


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org

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