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US Navy heard an ‘implosion’ on Sunday in the ‘general vicinity of where the Titan’ debris was found

by LLB staff reporter
23rd Jun 23 10:47 am

The US Navy said they heard a sound on Sunday which was consistent with an “implosion” in the “general vicinity” when communications were lost with the Titan submersible.

The US Navy analysed its acoustic data and they found an anomaly which was “consistent with an implosion or explosion in the general vicinity of where the Titan submersible was operating when communications were lost.”

A senior US Navy official told The Associated Press on Thursday on condition of anonymity and discussed the sensitive acoustic detection system.

The US Coast Guard had then received the information from the Navy, however they continued with their search for the Titan because the Navy at the time, did not consider the data to be definitive.

On Thursday the US Coast Guard confirmed the tail cone and the landing frame of the submersible was discovered around 1,600 ft from the bow of the Titanic wreckage.

Rear Admiral John Mauger said further debris has also been found, in the North Atlantic Ocean which is “consistent with a catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber.”

A former British Royal Navy submarine captain, Ryan Ramsey explained what he believes happened to the Titan.

He believes the Titan had likely lost communications before the “catastrophic” failure which then led to an implosion, and he added that “one of two things has happened.”

He suggested that the 17 bolts to seal the crew inside the submersible outside suffered a “failure, which has then caused the hull to collapse at pressure.”

The former submarine Captain said that another possibility is that “the pressure hull itself had a defect in it when they sailed and that’s fractured from the pressure, and caused the same result.”

Ramsey said that the “only positive” is that the implosion was “instantaneous and they didn’t know anything.”

He added, “I doubt very much that any of them expected this outcome and I suspect they would have considered briefly but put it to the back of their minds because three trips had already been done down to the Titanic by that submersible.”

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