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UK-based Caribou acquires C&D transport solutions

by John Saunders
26th Mar 21 3:21 pm

International parcel delivery firm Caribou has completed C&D Transport Solutions Ltd’s acquisition, a domestic and European courier specialist. The transaction will help Caribou even better meet its users’ needs as it extends its service offerings and enhances its delivery network both nationally and internationally.

Caribou – a logistics company that keeps its clients and technology at the heart of everything it does – has seen a period of significant expansion nationally and internationally and has pledged to grow its depot network and create further jobs.

Caribou Managing Director Daryl Dylan said, “This really was a natural move for both organisations, as we’re both able to learn and grow from each other. C&D Transport Solutions is a company that has been running for more than 20 years reliably, they have a small team with big ambitions, and they have chosen to move into our group to fulfil the vision of a much larger network.

“At the same time, Caribou itself can learn from C&D’s incredibly talented and experienced team. C&D Transport Solutions benefits from forward thinking leader Darren Sankey, and in his new role as Caribou’s Same Day Development Manager, we are confident of strong leadership and growth.”

The knowledge and technological expertise of the C&D Transport Solutions team will be invaluable in Caribou’s major expansion plans and will add to its already expansive service offerings to include same-day deliveries and haulage expertise.

The acquisition is the latest of several changes that Caribou has recently implemented. Just at the end of last year, the parcel, haulage, and freight logistics company announced the acquisition of Lincolnshire County Couriers in Grantham, a move that has created new job positions in the area. The company also opened a new depot in Colchester, a move that added 20 new jobs. The expansions and job creations come as no surprise as one of Dylan’s top priorities as Caribou’s new leader was a plan to expand significantly – both logistically as well as on the people side. In fact, Dylan’s priority was to expand Caribou’s depot network.

With COVID having forced non-essential businesses to close their doors, online shopping has exploded. This has resulted in brands urgently seeking fast and reliable logistics services to ensure they are able to meet its clients’ demands in an efficient and satisfactory manner. Caribou’s significant growth and expansion of the business is a sign of the logistics ecosystem at a time of a pandemic that has put such firms at the centre of business as well as personal life. This is particularly true for logistics companies like Caribou that have set up collaborations with online retail giants such as Amazon and eBay that have seen record levels of demand.

About Caribou and its technology

Caribou prides itself on being able to support its clients as much as they can during challenging and pandemic-stricken times. As it places technology at the heart of what it does, Caribou has successfully implemented a system that enables it to offer a wide array of services in a way that maintains the safety and well-being of its staff as well as the wider community that it serves nationally and internationally. The firm remains aware of the significance of a happy and healthy workforce as the workforce is the driver behind everything within the business.

Caribou is also aware of the fast-changing pace of the industry and the evolving demands and needs of its end-users. To best address those trends, the firm’s IT team is diligently working on an infrastructure that will enhance Caribou’s system per the changing industry and our clients’ preferences. Cuhu, Caribou’s development agency, has been one of the main drivers behind the firm’s ability to create one of the most advanced marketplace management systems the sector has seen.

Caribou’s technology-focused approach to logistics has enabled businesses, shoppers, and drivers to conduct their tasks easier, more efficiently as well as seamlessly. Furthermore, when many couriers rely on third-party systems to help their clients track their shipments, Caribou has created and implemented a proprietary carrier and marketplace management system by which they uphold transparency during the entire delivery process.

About Daryl Dylan

Former Head of Carriers and Commercials, Daryl Dylan is Caribou’s Managing Director and the power behind the efficiency and happiness of a team that is growing at unprecedented speeds. Dylan also focuses on maintaining the firm’s culture well-managed and comfort oriented. As evidenced from the series of recent acquisitions, Dylan’s first priority is to expand the firm’s depot network and its recruitment campaign.

Dylan holds the logistics industry in the highest esteem, often saying that it is not easy to walk away from the sector. He feels very attached to it and views it as one of the most exciting and beautiful industries to be part of. The Managing Director adds that there is “nothing more exciting than seeing a hungry team that you have built succeed and allowing people to reach for the progress they never would have thought to be able to reach. At Caribou, building a family around us is the fundamental engine that keeps us moving forward.”

For more information on Caribou, please visit https://wearecaribou.com.

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