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Today’s options for indicative Brexit votes explained

by LLB Reporter
1st Apr 19 3:02 pm

There has been eight options tabled on Monday for a fresh set of voting, today is yet another showdown to try and break the Brexit deadlock.

Should the Speaker of the House allow any of the eight motions tabled below to be heard, heres what they are and who tabled them.

Motion A: Tabled by John Bercow, Conservative MP and Speak of the House.

This motion is to allow the EU withdrawal agreement to be amended, allowing the UK to unilaterally exit the Irish backstop, which the ERG and the DUP has repeatedly made their policy.

Motion B: Tabled by John Bercow. This will allow the UK to leave without a deal.

Motion C: Tabled by Kenneth Clarke Conservative MP and Labour’s Hilary Benn.

This will allow a permanent UK wide customs union with the EU within the EU withdrawal agreement, also known as a soft Brexit.

Motion D: Tabled by Nick Boles Conservative and Labour’s Lucy Powell.

This motion allows the UK to remain in the single market allowing Brits to keep freedom of movement in the EU as we currently are.

Motion E: Tabled by Peter Kyle, Labour MP.

This means any deal cannot e ratified in Parliament, only until it has been given to the people to vote. This motion could well be passed amid growing support within Westminster.

Motion F: Tabled by Dominic Grieve, Conservative MP and Graham Jones, Labour MP.

This is for the people vote avoiding the UK crashing out of the EU.

Motion G: Tabled by Joanna Cherry QC SNP MP.

This motion would see the government getting another extension in the event a deal is not agreed.

Should no extension be allowed by the EU then Cherry wants the UK to revoke Article 50.

Motion H: Tabled by George Eustice Conservative MP.

This motion proposes that the UK re-joins the single market, or the European Free Trade Association. This will allow Brits to keep freedom of movement in the EU as we currently are.

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