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The ‘whole democratic world’ is at risk and NATO warns Western supply of ammunition is ‘not sustainable’

by LLB political Reporter
23rd Feb 23 12:02 pm

Nine nations in the eastern parts of NATO are at heightened alert and have concerns that Vladimir Putin could make a move to take military action against them.

Estonia are “worried” that Putin could take military action against them and the President Alar Karis warned that the “whole democratic world” is at risk.

He told Sky News “That’s why we have to end this war as soon as possible.”

Estonia are trying to increase their defence budget and are building military hospitals and they are training Ukrainian troops, he added that all allies must be quicker to provide support and his country are “trying” their “best.”

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NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg  has warned on Thursday that the Western supply of ammunition is “not sustainable” at the current levels as the “consumption is much higher.”

He told Sky News that the war in Ukraine is now becoming a “battle of logistics” and the West must ramp up their production of ammunition as the world cannot allow Russia to win this conflict.

Stoltenberg added, “The only way to sustain our support of Ukraine is to do what we have started to do now, and that is to engage with the defence industry to make sure that allies are signing long-term contracts.”

The NATO chief said, “We cannot allow Putin to win in Ukraine – that will be a tragedy for Ukrainians, but it will be dangerous for us.”

Stoltenberg was asked if Ukraine will be allowed to join NATO, he said that “NATO’s position is unchanged.”

He added, “Ukraine will become a member of NATO but the main focus now is to ensure Ukraine can prevail as a sovereign, independent nation in Europe.”

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