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The possibility of Putin being ‘assassinated is increasing’ and it could be done by a ‘member of his family’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
25th Mar 22 11:21 am

The “possibility”of Vladimir Putin being assassinated “is increasing” which could be done by a “member of his family, his mistress, his daughter” or “his ex-wife.”

Speaking to news.com.au this week, Russia Expert at Chatham House Nikolai Petrov made a surprise claim that it could be a member of his family that could try to kill Putin.

The Russian expert said, “It is… the first time in Putin’s Russia that there have been so many individual and collective protests against Kremlin actions.

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“But public support for the Kremlin’s military adventure, which is far from unconditional even now, will decline rapidly and steadily as the high price becomes clear, both in human lives and the complete up-ending of normal life by the state.”

He added, “I believe that if there is an assassination attempt, that might come from a female.

“Maybe a member of his family, his mistress, his daughter, his ex-wife – somebody who knows him and could actually get close to him.

“The possibility (of assassination) is increasing.”

There is growing unrest across Russia over the invasion of Ukraine and there is growing speculation there could be an attempt to remove Putin from power either “by the grave or through retirement.”

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