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Scientists deliberately misled by China from the start of coronavirus

by LLB Reporter
6th Apr 20 4:17 pm

A damning report says that China have deliberately misled the world’s scientists by providing disinformation over coronavirus.

More than 70,000 people have died across the world almost 1.3m people are infected globally from the deadly virus.

The report by the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee says China withheld valuable information over the true extent of the spread of coronavirus.

MPs warned that Russia and Iran are also guilty of deliberately spreading disinformation of the global pandemic.

The House of Commons Committee pointed to the case of Li Wenliang, the doctor in Wuhan who was “silenced” when raised the alarm of coronavirus.

Dr Wenliang was arrested by the Chinese Communist regime and was forced to confess that he had made “false comments” over the outbreak, he later died from the virus.

The Committee said, “Such deliberate misleading of the WHO (World Health Organisation) and scientists in other countries obscured analysis in the critical early stages of the pandemic.

“Disinformation about COVID-19 has already cost lives. It is essential that the Government issues clear and transparent messages at home to confront and rebut disinformation spread by foreign powers.”

China “should have played a central role in collecting data” but, Beijing sought to “obfuscate” what was really happening from the start of the outbreak in the country.

Tom Tugendhat the Committee chairman said Beijing had initially “allowed disinformation to spread as quickly as the virus.”

He added, “Rather than helping other countries prepare a swift and strong response, it is increasingly apparent that they manipulated vital information about the virus in order to protect the regime’s image.

“The government needs to tackle these lies with a clear and quick response, working with our allies to show a united front in the face of false facts and deadly disinformation.”

A Taiwanese scientist has claimed Chinese microbiologists probably created coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

Based on the virus unusual structure it is most likely “man made” and there is a theory coronavirus was somehow leaked or released from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan China, said Professor Fang Chi-tai from the National Taiwan University (NTU).

Professor Fang said China’s track record with safety standards and laboratory management has been questioned in the past.


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