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Salesforce’s AI and automation: Two superpowers for your company

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22nd Feb 21 5:25 pm

In December 2020 at Dreamforce, cloud-based software company Salesforce unveiled Einstein Automate, a platform developed to help automate workflows and connect applications with little to no code tools. Easy integration is essential for every Salesforce development company. Salesforce’s combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation promises to become the superpower needed to boost productivity and build company-customer relationships faster.

The importance of salesforce automation

Workforces often attribute a negative connotation to automation. Many believe the involvement of artificial intelligence in the various work processes is the equivalent of workforce reduction. However, according to John Kucera, Salesforce’s SVP of Product Management, automation should thrill business owners and employees.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has been proof that automation can help companies communicate with their customers and employees, and that it can help teams work together from a distance.

Remote working has created a higher demand for automation, and Salesforce has done everything in its power to address this new need for its customers. Automated processes don’t threaten employees; on the contrary, they help reduce workload and enhance workplace productivity – either at the office or while you’re managing your team remotely.

Will AI and automated processes replace workforce

Unlikely. Salesforce’s customers use AI and automation to optimise workflow, not to cut off staff. In essence, AI and automated processes are superpowers companies and employees alike should embrace. Automated processes help eliminate tedious tasks, such as data entry, for example.

At the same time, even the most advanced AI and automatic processes can’t replace people. Only humans can build relationships with other humans; thus, real employees remain the most significant asset a business can have, essential workers who can make decisions and build relationships with customers.

Fundamentally, technology’s role is to free a company’s essential workers and give them time to deal with higher-level tasks, not to replace them.

How can Einstein Automate help your business

Einstein Automate, Salesforce’s newest tool, brings together the best of AI and automation. The software’s purpose is to take care of those tedious, repetitive tasks that require minimal skills but take up a lot of time to complete.

At the same time, this technology also aims to help non-developers automate processes and workflow with minimal knowledge and effort.

Once Salesforce is integrated with your company, Einstein Automate gathers various tools, such as FlowBuilder, MuleSoft, and BluePrism, that allow people who aren’t coders or don’t have a development background to accomplish digital transformation plans.

For instance, if you’re a sales manager who uses Salesforce to automate workflow, you can use Einstein Automate to save important files, create alerts for your team, do field updates, or send bulk emails with a simple click of a button.

Similarly, you can use this tool to create a variety of automate solutions for whole departments. For example, you can use Omni Studio to create guided web formats to integrate into a website. Or you can set up a self-service chatbot for your company, or even do fast password resets without busying your team with such a simple task.

Because these automation tools are easy to use by non-developers, anyone can build automate processes, simplify workflow, and increase productivity and work effectiveness.

What businesses does Einstein Automate address

In a nutshell, Einstein Automate can benefit all businesses, companies, and agencies. For example, if you sell software, you can use Einstein Automate to create a guided flow for creating support tickets. Companies and government agencies can use Einstein Automate to create chatbots designed to help people find quick solutions to their problems.

You can even use Einstein Automate to move work between people and keep customers aware of the process. The benefits Einstein Automate can bring are truly endless.

How can AI help you

According to Salesforce and not only, AI is a useful instrument for making predictions and recommendations, a sort of personal assistant designed to help you make the right judgments and decisions. For a business, this virtual personal assistant can automate customer service processes or team collaboration.

For instance, if you have an online store, you can use AI to help your customers retrieve information about an order, manage refunds and returns, or get access to an order tracking number.

Likewise, AI can make recommendations and suggestions based on things your customers type in the chatbox, helping them find a solution. While AI takes care of these processes, your employees can dedicate their time to address more complicated or urgent matters, improving work productivity and, ultimately, boost profits.

Tableau – the future of Salesforce’s AI and automation

Einstein Automate is Salesforce’s first step towards workplace automation, but not the only one. The next step will be the introduction of Tableau, a smart voice assistant designed to simplify work processes even more.

Smart assistants aren’t a new concept – Alexa and Google Home already work in a similar fashion. Using a smart voice assistant at the workplace is, however, a novelty.

In a world where AI and automation are the workforce’s future, we can safely say they are the superpowers that can boost productivity and profits. Salesforce strives to make those changes available for all businesses to use, and now it’s up to you. Are you ready to revolutionize your business and embrace these superpowers?

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