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Russian FSB spies and military looking to ‘conscript Ukrainian men’ to ‘fight against the Ukrainian army’

23rd Apr 22 4:00 pm

Russian FSB spies and military personnel are looking for Ukrainians who are of military age in Kerson, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv regions.

Two people who fled Kherson said adults are being prevented from leaving and could be forced to fight for Russia against “our countrymen” to fight “against the Ukrainian army.”

Vasiliy and Ludmila who had managed to flee Kherson told Sky News, “People are saying that the Russians are going to conscript the men who are left there.”

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Vasily added, “They want to create militias like in Donetsk and Luhansk.

“They want to do it so our countrymen will go and fight on their side and fight against the Ukrainian army.”

The Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that Russian troops are mobilising Ukrainian doctors who remain in the occupied territories.

“In particular, in the city of Volchansk (Kharkiv region), in primary health care, junior medical personnel are forcibly sent to the front line to provide first aid to Russian wounded. In case of refusal, doctors are threatened with execution.”

They warned the possibility of leaving Kherson region to the territories controlled by Ukraine was almost completely blocked.

In Zaporizhia, Kerson and Kharkiv regions, Russian servicemen and Kremlin FSB officers are looking for Ukrainian people of military age to “fight against the Ukrainian.”

Valentina Donchenko, 69, told Sky New, “All of my relatives are in Russia.

I lived here [Ukraine] 28 years and now I hate them all. There’s no point talking to them.

“They don’t get it. Even my cousin says that I am her enemy. That I’m a Nazi.

“It’s such a big wound that it doesn’t even fit in my chest.”

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