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Queens speech is delayed amid 'chaos' in Downing Street as May tries to lead minority government

by LLB Reporter
12th Jun 17 2:25 pm

Here is the latest

The prime minister, Theresa May has been forced to delay the Queen’s speech and is not forthcoming as to when it will be however, it is not thought to be more than a few days.

Sources have said that the Queen could miss Ascot as a result, May is desperately trying to form a minority government to agree the “confidence and supply deal” with the DUP.

May is to meet with the DUP’s leader Arlene Foster on Tuesday for further discussions, after the embarrassment caused over the weekend over the clarification of the negotiations status, as the deal was halted when Unionists denied any agreement was in place.

Once the deal has been finalised only then will May be in a position to launch her legislative agenda for the next 12-months, although it is thought she will be changing her manifesto.

David Davis the Brexit secretary who is behind May, did admit that the Conservative Party campaign “went wrong” and said that “some manifesto pledges will be dropped or watered down.

Davis said to Sky News: “We’ll have to look at the Queen’s Speech and what we have to get through.”

“It has to be voted on in Parliament in a week’s time; it’s a matter of practicality.”

“There may be things that we simply can’t put in. That will happen. That will be going on as we speak.”

“We will try to carry as much of the House with us as we can.”

He added: “80 per cent of the public voted for parties that reflect, respect the decision last year.”

“Ones that wanted to reverse it or do something different got hammered.”

“We don’t want to leave the single market itself, it’s the Europeans saying you can’t lose free movements and keep it.”

“The argument of 52-48 per cent, we’re trying to get a deal for the 100 per cent.”

A spokesperson for Labour said: “Number 10’s failure to confirm the date of the Queen’s Speech shows that this government is in chaos, as it struggles to agree a backroom deal with a party with abhorrent views on LGBT and women’s rights.”

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