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Putin is getting very desperate as he recruits Russian ‘volunteers aged 60’ with thousands more who have no training

by LLB staff reporter
5th Apr 22 2:14 pm

Russian media are asking former soldiers to sign up in two Siberian cities to fight in Ukraine and are asking for “conscripts” aged 60 to join the army.

The Kremlin has called on retired soldiers to fight in Ukraine as they need more tank drivers, commanders, engineers and snipers.

The Times reported that Moscow has already recruited around 60,000 reservists and there are also reports that Vladimir Putin has thrown young conscripts ages between 18 and 27 who have no experience in fighting.

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A total to of 134,5000 new conscripts have been deployed to the Ukraine any many of them will never return back to Russia alive.

Reuters reported that many new conscripts have no training very little food and are fighting with inadequate 80-year old rifles and are being slaughtered by the Ukrainian forces.

Mathieu Boulègue, a senior research fellow in Russian warfare at Chatham House, said, “Conscripts are used to drive a truck from point A to point B.

“They are not destined for war-fighting operations . . . If they need someone to drive ammunition or medical supplies, that can be accomplished by a 60-year old.”

Boulègue wrote on the Defense Post that the Russian president’s approval stands aat 80%,  and this rating is highly unlikely to change.

He added that Putin is seeking to end the war “on the cheap,” and the Russian President has been “lying his way out of a bad situation.”

He said, “With the internal audience in mind, the Russian defense ministry therefore falsely declared ‘mission accomplished’ on March 25.

“By announcing that ‘initial objectives’ had been met, Russian forces can now arguably focus on ‘liberating’ Donbas as a military priority.

“Yet Putin is lying his way out of a bad situation. It is nothing more than fabricated state propaganda aimed at internal face-saving.”

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