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Palestinian children killed by Israeli airstrikes being put in ‘ice cream freezers’ as ‘morgues collapse’

by LLB Reporter
15th Oct 23 3:55 pm

Israeli airstrikes are continuing in the Gaza Strip and innocent children are being killed as the conflict escalates.

Hospital “morgues have collapsed” and extra refrigeration are being ordered as the death toll is amounting to significant numbers in Gaza.

Hospitals are fast running out of medical supplies they only have about two days left of fuel for their generators and it has been reported that ice cream vans are now being used to store dead children.

Yasser Ali, a doctor at the Shuhada Al-Aqsa hospital, said their morgue can only take 10 bodies “so we have brought in ice cream freezers from the ice cream factories in order to store the huge numbers of martyrs.”

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Dr Ali said patients are “piling up” and they are struggling to cope with the amount of dead coming in.

He added that the number of dead “exceeds the capacity” of the hospital’s main morgue and

Other areas of the hospitals have narrow morgues and simply cannot accommodate all the those Palestinians who have been killed, adding, that “between 20 and 30 bodies are being kept in tents too.”

A man said, “The hospital’s morgues collapsed. The old equipment was insufficient and of poor quality, so the hospital was forced to bring in extra-cold refrigerators in order to store the bodies in them.”

He said that food refrigerators are being transported in from Al-Awda factories to store dead Gazans.

The man added, “Health services, corpse preservation services and mortuary services are all weak. The hospital needs support and aid.”

Speaking to CNN, forensic pathologist Yasser Khatab said Gaza needs “coffins and equipment to deal with dead bodies,” which just keep on coming.

Speaking to the Guardian, a regional director at the World Health Organisation Richard Brennan said: “It’s almost as bad as it gets.

“It’s not just the damage, the destruction, it’s that psychological pressure. The constant shelling…the loss of one’s colleagues.”

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