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Oops! Al Murray’s Pub Landlord starts his election campaign – but in the wrong constituency

by LLB Reporter
4th Feb 15 10:55 am

Comedian Al Murray visited South Thanet where he is standing against UKIP leader Nigel Farage

We all thought Nigel Farage would be a shoo-in for the South Thanet seat in the general election. The current Conservative MP in the constituency is not contesting her seat and Farage’s party UKIP is going from strength to strength. The seat seemed practically his.

That was, however, until comedian Al Murray announced his plan to stand under his Pub Landlord character, and created the Free UK Party (FUKP) – a parody of UKIP.

Yesterday the Pub Landlord toured South Thanet, coming under criticism for starting the campaign with a photo opportunity in a pub in a different constituency.

But he raised a few laughs too. Before answering any question, the Pub Landlord started with: “I’m glad you asked me that question…”

When asked if the election needed “another comedian”, the Pub Landlord said: “Only a fool wouldn’t take this election seriously, and that’s what I’m here to do, take the general election seriously.”

In fact, he’s outlined a number of clear policies to help get Thanet voters onside. These include making Thanet the capital of the country, bringing HS7 to Thanet to get to London in “two minutes flat” and bricking up the channel tunnel with “British bricks but using Polish labour so we make sure we get it done on time”.

After a tiring day on the campaign trail, the Pub Landlord retreated back to London.


Indeed. But with more than three months to go before the election, this is just the start.


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