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Nissan halts production in Japan over coronavirus

by LLB Reporter
10th Feb 20 3:26 pm

Nissan has said they will temporarily holt production at the Kyushu facility in southwest Japan due to difficulties sourcing parts from coronavirus infected China.

In an attempt to prevent coronavirus, the global automotive industry are seeing a slowdown in supply chain exports from China.

The Japanese car firm said in a statement, “We continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees in China.

“In full compliance with government directives and in view of the situation of the epidemic and our suppliers, we are preparing to restart production in China at the earlier from February 17 at Huadu Plant and Dalian Plan.

“Restart dates for other plants will differ by plant and we will update as necessary.

“Due to supply shortages of parts from China, Nissan Kyushu in Japan will carry our temporary production adjustments on February 14 and 17.”

Fiat Chrysler announced last week that they are considering to halt production at European plant due to parts being difficult to source from China.

Renault, Samsung Motors, Hyundai and Kia all announced closures of plants due to the coronavirus preventing exports from China.

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