Home Business News Moscow warns US ‘a response’ to Crimea attack ‘is coming’ that could lead to all out war

Moscow warns US ‘a response’ to Crimea attack ‘is coming’ that could lead to all out war

24th Jun 24 3:31 pm

On Monday morning the Russian Defence Ministry has said that Ukraine used US provided missiles to attack Crimea which resulted in 151 people being injured leaving at least four dead.

A beach at Sevastopol in Crimea was full of people when shrapnel rained down on the Russian citizens during the Russian Orthodox holiday.

Moscow has said they are in no doubt that Washington is responsible for the ATACMS missile attack on Sevastopol where there was hundreds of Russian beachgoers.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that “beyond any doubt” Washington was behind this attack and “a response to this crime will certainly follow.”

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The Ministry said, “On June 23, the Kiev regime, with the support of the United States and its satellites, committed another heinous terrorist crime against the civilian population of Russia. Sevastopol came under attack.

One of the most important Orthodox holidays – the day of the Holy Trinity – was intentionally chosen for the terrorist attack,” Russian state media reported.

TASS reported the Foreign Ministry said, “Four people died, among them a two-year-old playing on the city beach and a nine-year-old girl.

“As many as 151 people sought medical help, 82 of them were hospitalized – 55 adults and 27 children, many are in serious condition. Everyone is receiving quality medical care.

“According to the Russian Defense Ministry, American ATACMS tactical missiles were used, equipped with cluster warheads to inflict maximum damage.

“All flight paths were entered by US specialists based on their own satellite reconnaissance data.

“An American Global Hawk reconnaissance drone was on duty in the skies near Crimea.”

In May Vladimir Putin issued a warning to Western countries that there will be “serious consequences” if Ukraine uses their weapons to attack Russia.

Putin warned Western leaders during a visit to Tashkent, Uzbekistan that “this constant escalation can lead to serious consequences.”

“If these serious consequences occur in Europe, how will the United States behave, bearing in mind our parity in the field of strategic weapons? It’s hard to say – do they want a global conflict?”

In a direct warning to smaller European countries, he strongly advised them be aware of the risks for them by provoking an escalation.

The Russian despot said, “In Europe, especially in small countries, they should be aware of what they are playing with.”

Putin gave another nuclear threat saying that many European countries have a “small territory” with a “dense population.”

“This is a factor that they should keep in mind before talking about striking deep into Russian territory.”

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