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Western missiles used to attack Russian assets in Crimea, despite warnings of ‘serious consequences’

by LLB political Reporter
30th May 24 3:10 pm

Ukraine launched a major attack using Western missiles on a Russian naval base in Crimea on Thursday.

Ukrainian forces hit targets close to the Kerch Bridge which connects mainland Russia to Crimea and used precision guided missiles.

A military source told Sky News that a Russian Mangust patrol boat was destroyed, and the Western weapons used “proved extremely effective against this Russian military target despite high concentrations of Russian Air Defence Systems.”

Nikolai Lukashenko, Crimea’s Russian-installed transportation chief, said that two transport ferries were damaged in the attack.

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The special unit of the Main Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Group 13 used maritime drones, the Magura V5 to attack the patrol boat.

On Thursday they said, “In order to neutralize attack sea drones on the approach to Uzkaya Bay, the Russian occupiers in Crimea took military aircraft into the sky 32 times, in particular – Su-27/30/35, MiG-29, Be-12, An-26 aircraft and Ka helicopters – 27/29 and Mi-8.

“The invaders also chaotically used small arms and 30-mm cannons.

“However, nothing prevented the special forces of the Main Intelligence Agency of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry from successfully completing the combat mission: as a result of the attack, two Russian boats were destroyed – according to preliminary data, high-speed transport ones – airborne KS-701 Tunets.”

On Wednesday Vladimir Putin issued another warning to Western countries that there will be “serious consequences” if Ukraine uses their weapons to attack Russia, Crimea is now formally recognised as belonging to the Russian Federation by Moscow.

Putin warned Western leaders during a visit to Tashkent, Uzbekistan that “this constant escalation can lead to serious consequences.”

“If these serious consequences occur in Europe, how will the United States behave, bearing in mind our parity in the field of strategic weapons? It’s hard to say – do they want a global conflict?”

In a direct warning to smaller European countries, he strongly advised them be aware of the risks for them by provoking an escalation.

The Russian despot said, “In Europe, especially in small countries, they should be aware of what they are playing with.”

Putin gave another nuclear threat saying that many European countries have a “small territory” with a “dense population.”

“This is a factor that they should keep in mind before talking about striking deep into Russian territory.”

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