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Western leaders warned ‘peace is out of question’ as Putin ‘has been preparing’ along time for war and has ‘stocks for it’

12th Apr 23 4:12 pm

A Czech diplomat has said that Vladimir Putin has been preparing “for the war for a long time” and that his regime has been building vast amounts of ammunition stock ready “for it.”

Tomáš Pojar, a Czech diplomat and advisor of the Czech Prime Minister has warned Western leaders that “peace is out of the question” because both Kyiv and Moscow will not “reach a peace agreement.”

The political expert warned on Czech TV that Western leaders must now prepare for a “new Cold War” and then suggested that sanctions alone will not bring Putin to the table to negotiate peace.

Pojar said, “Sanctions are important, but I would never overestimate them. I did not expect sanctions to stop the war.

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“Peace is out of the question. It would be foolish to bet on peace, and I cannot imagine the parties reaching a peace agreement.

“If we are to face a new Cold War and conflict with Russia for several decades, which is possible, we need Russia to be weak and not winning the economic war with the West.”

He said that he is far from convinced that Putin’s regime is struggling financially amid the severest of Western sanctions.

The Czech diplomat said, “The regime has been preparing for the war for a long time and building up stocks for it.”

Following Finland formally joining NATO military analyst and former Air Vice Marshall, Sean Bell warned that the “buffer zones” which once existed but are now no longer runs the “risk of friction” as the West and Russia are “building the foundations of a new Cold War.”

Speaking to Sky News Bell said in reference to Finland now being part of NATO, “It’s going to increase tensions, it has reduced the buffer zones that existed and therefore runs the risk of friction.”

He added, that we now “no longer have the buffer zones that we had that served us so well for the last Cold War.”

The NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in February there is “no sign whatsoever” that Putin is “preparing for peace.”

Stoltenberg said, “What we see is President Putin and Russia still wanting to control Ukraine.

“We see how they are sending more troops, more weapons, more capabilities.”

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