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Putin will ‘not rule out’ sending weapons to North Korea

21st Jun 24 8:39 am

Vladimir Putin has said that he will “not rule out” sending weapons to North Korea which threatens to “destabilise the Korean peninsula.”

South Korea has said that they are reconsidering to send to Ukraine and Putin warned Seoul “this would be a very big mistake.”

Washington has said this is “incredibly concerning” and warned that Putin’s actions faces dividing the Korean peninsula.

The Russian leader said that sending weapons to North Korea is a retaliatory move for the West sending weapons to Ukraine.

The Russian dictator said, “Those who send these [missiles to Ukraine], think that they are not fighting us, but I said, including in Pyongyang, that we then reserve the right to supply weapons to other regions of the world, with regard to our agreements with the DPRK.

“I do not rule this one out.”

On Thursday South Korea said the new security agreement between Russia and North Korea is of a “grave concern.”

A senior South Korean official said that they will now “reconsider” sending weapons to Ukraine.

The Russia leader said that South Korea “has nothing to worry about,” he then warned Seoul, that sending weapons to Ukraine “would be a very big mistake.”

On Thursday North’s official Korean Central News Agency said that the security agreement reached by Putin and Jong Un means that if one of the countries is attacked then a state of war is instantly declared.

If South Korea was deemed by North Korea to being attacked then Russia would be forced to deploy “all means at its disposal without delay” to send immediate “military assistance,” this is quite similar to NATO.

Equally should Moscow claim that they are being attacked by NATO then North Korea would then come to Russia’s aid.

This has been seen as the strongest alliance that Russia and North Korea has had since the Cold War.

Putin signed a nuclear and technology agreement which could see Moscow helping Pyongyang with their nuclear missile programme.

The North Korean dictator said that both Pyongyang and Moscow have had a very “fiery friendship” and the new alliance deal is their “strongest ever treaty.”

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