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McDonalds profits take a bite by $4.7bn over lockdown

by LLB Reporter
30th Apr 20 3:23 pm

McDonalds first quarter sales have been hit over the global coronavirus lockdown with sales falling by 6% to $4.71bn.

Most restaurants in China and the US are able to deliver and have drive through’s, whilst 75% of the 39,000 stores are open across the world.

In February 25% of stores in China were closed and nearly all have reopened, whilst 99% of all US stores in the country have now reopened.

This week, representatives from the largest chains, such as Pret a Manger, Costa and McDonalds asked George Eustice, the Environment Secretary if they can start to reopen.

It is understood that Eustice has been “particularly perplexed” by the closure of drive-through restaurants and described them as “the model of perfect social distancing.”

McDonalds has donated 100,000 litres of milk and 300 tonnes of food to emergency workers and the vulnerable, and Pret a Manger has already opened a few sites near hospitals offering NHS staff 50% discount.

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