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Making your store memorable with digital signage

by John Saunders
29th May 19 1:58 pm

With the impressive dynamic digital signage 3-D video walls, useful Q&A stations, intelligent interactive solutions, personalization and augmented reality tales of retail’s demise seem a tad overdramatic and way too exaggerated. Every retail digital signage initiative has managed to grab customer’s attention, boost sales and make the shopping experience memorable. Huge emphasis on memorable.

Since digital signage made brick-and-mortar shopping easier, way more pleasant, fun and technologically advanced people began to disregard the effort and currently don’t expect any less from a modern retailer. So, just because you’ve incorporated digital signage into your store doesn’t mean customers are going to be mesmerized simply by its presence. Not anymore. Time has come for creative ideas, nonstandard approach and remarkable customer service that can only be provided by a digital screen. Try to go above and beyond with the DS advanced technology, go to the next level to create truly innovative customer experience. Now, let’s list ideas and go through inspirational digital signage retail campaigns.

In 2019 there’s literary an app for everything. Those looking to create a memorable shopping experience for their customers and force competitors to scramble to keep up, they themselves have to buckle up and keep up the pace. In-store navigation, up-to-date inventory, USG and customer reviews, beautiful vivid visuals, dynamic shelf displays, price match offers, engaging user-generated content – anything and everything has to be constantly controlled and looked over. It’s about leaving people with a good feeling about your business. The way to properly control your displays and stay on top of things  24/7 is with great digital signage app. And we might just have the one for you: Kitcast TV digital signage is one of those perfect DS apps that is specifically designed to make retailers life easier. “The number of ways how you can improve the customer’s experience in your store with advertising displays goes beyond your imagination. – Says Founder and CEO at Kitcast, Egor Belenkov,  – That’s because, with proper software, you get a chance to deliver any kind of dynamic content. You craft your own success”.

Start on the sidewalk! It’s difficult to create a memorable experience for your customers if they’ve passed your store by. Impossible, one might suggest. Use location data and DOOH to target your customers in real time based on their physical location.  Retailers can advertise their near-by shop to those who’ve searched for their brand online or just advertise in close proximity to the store with a promise of discount or membership. There’s actually only one very important thing for retailers to remember about the digital-out-of-home: unless something is physically blocking the screen, your ad has a 100% viability.

Turn your window displays into memorable interactive experiences. We cannot emphasize this enough: with digital signage, you can offer unforgettable catchy experience and boost sales without people ever stepping foot into your store. Augmented reality window displays will help you achieve that. Vivid dynamic window displays have the power to literally stop people in their tracks, as does interactivity and AR. Shoppers could stop for a second in front of the screen and immediately see themselves appear on the screen in a virtual form, try on the latest collection and be on their way within minutes keeping in mind a dress they can later order online. A shopping experience that’s a retailers dream.

Now, if we are talking digital signage with augmented reality – this is the future of retail, and AR is drastically changing the shopping experience. Last year’s research has shown that more than sixty percent of consumers actually favor stores with AR experiences and a whopping forty percent have stated that they are willing to spend more cash on products and services if they have the chance to experience them through augmented reality. To see how the big brands are using AR and digital signage in their stores check out the IKEA place app or Macy’s Augmented Reality Furniture App, the Pottery Barn – 3D Room View, Home Depot and many for the AR home improvement unforgettable experience. There are the amazing Sephora Virtual Artist L’Oréal Paris, Hansen ManiMatch or the Manicure Try On by Wanna Nails to promote the beauty shops. GAP, Lacoste, ASOS, Nike, Michael Coors, and a hundred more footwear and clothing stores are thriving with the futuristic AR fitting rooms. Check them out and get inspired, it is digital signage at its best!

Make in-store shopping fun again! Immersive and interactive digital signage is the best thing that happened to the boring life of a retail shopper. Digital signage is eye-catching and extremely entertaining. And, if we are talking about the fun – people find a lot of things about digital signage extremely entertaining. Starting with big beautiful video walls and on to AR, user-generated content that people love to see on displays, video with product promotion, customer reviews and much more  – all of this makes shopping fun and  blurs the line between online and brick-and-mortar experience.

Make the shopping experience unforgettable with personalization. Digital signage is widely used in retail to obtain customer-related data, this helps store owners to create a time-saving personal approach to every customer shopping experience and create a data-based in-store engagement. With all of the understandable fuss people make about guarding their personal data and the rage and hate towards online  targeted ads, describing them as invasive and creepy, the astonishing 63% of consumers welcome in-store data collection for further shopping personalization often with  little or no incentive. Usually they don’t mind sharing their personal data in exchange for coupons, store membership or store credit.

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