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London is set for total lockdown as people ‘refuse to stay indoors’

by LLB Reporter
22nd Mar 20 2:00 pm

London is set for a total lockdown because people are not listening to the government’s advice and that of medical experts and our brave frontline doctors and nurses.

LondonLovesBusiness understand that Whitehall sources are suggesting to impose a total lockdown across the capital as people are still gathering in crowds which will result in people dying as a direct result.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan gave a grave warning to Londoners, to anyone that leaves their home during the coronavirus outbreak to “stop social mixing or many more people will die.”

Battersea Square, London Sunday lunchtime, ignoring the ignoring Coronavirus advice, stay at home.

Khan told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning that a total shutdown of London’s parks will happen if people refuse to stay at home, he hinted.

Virginia Water is packed with many people out walking and images show Windsor Great Park, car park is full of cars, as people are not taking this deadly virus seriously and will infect many others.Boris Johnson warned the NHS could be overwhelmed if people across the capital do not stop mixing as it is “accelerating” the spread of coronavirus.

Marr asked Khan should he close the parks across London, he replied, “I’m quite clear, we have to do whatever it takes for people to keep their distance.

“We need to take measures – these are not advice, these are instructions, these are rules.”

Virginia Water car park full as hundreds venture out for a stroll despite government advice

Marr asked, “If you were the Mayor of Milan, people would be forbidden to leave their house without written permission.

“All shops that are not food shops would be shut down. Why is this not happening in London?”

The Mayor of London said, “We need to make sure there is no mixed messages here. People should not be leaving their homes unless they really have to.

Battersea Square, London Sunday lunchtime, ignoring the ignoring Coronavirus advice, stay at home.

“We should not be having social interaction. By mixing that leads to more people dying.

“Social interaction leads to the disease spreading, which leads to people dying.

“This are extraordinary times that needs extraordinary measures. We are weeks ahead of the rest of the country.

“If we don’t act, if we don’t keep our social distance, people will die.”

The Housing secretary Robert Jenrick said on Sunday the government could enforce a lockdown across the capital, if people continue not to follow the government’s strict advice.


An NHS doctor who is on the front line fighting against coronavirus to save lives has hit out at reckless people going to the pub which could almost certainly spread the virus.

The NHS intensive care unit (ICU) consultant Jack, is begging Britons to stay home, he warned that failure to listen to the government’s advice on social distancing “is killing people.”

The doctor expressed his disbelief that thousands of people were still going out to the pub on Friday night.

The doctor told LBC Radio, “It’s beyond me why people can’t see what they are creating by just continuing to go out.

“We’re treating the people who were infected two weeks ago and we’re getting full.

Boris Johnson ordered pubs, restaurants and shops to close across the UK on Friday until further notice to stop the spread of coronavirus, bur despite this order some cafes and restaurants are still open in the capital such as Gail’s.

On Friday a major London hospital declared a “critical incident” as the number of coronavirus cases are doubling, and the death rate is climbing.

A Soviet-era Top Secret biological weapons research laboratory is currently testing 13 potential coronavirus vaccines on animals.

Scientists at the leading Cold War bio lab are aiming to have two vaccines for the deadly coronavirus ready for production by June.

The Russian scientists are testing on ferrets and lower primates. Russia has reported just 253 cases and samples from all coronavirus cases are being analysed at the Vector State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology near Novosibirsk in Siberia.

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