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Boris Johnson orders pubs, restaurants and gyms to close across the UK

by LLB Reporter
20th Mar 20 5:14 pm

Boris Johnson orders pubs, restaurants and gyms are to close across the UK from Friday evening to stop the spread of coronavirus. Shops are not in the specific category of businesses in the UK which need to close.

Johnson told the UK via a televised press briefing “You’re sacrifice [by social distancing and self-isolation] means we are putting the country in a better and stronger position and we will be able to save thousands of lives.

“It’s becoming clear that social gatherings need to be reduced by 75% and “we need now to make it absolutely clear we are enforcing measures.”

Jenny Harries, England’s deputy chief medical officer said at the briefing, “We want children to exercise but not in groups” for their own protection from the deadly coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said, “We have a real threat to our country, to our ability of our health service to manage it, and unless we get it right thousands of lives will be lost.”

He urged “people not to go out on Friday night.

“For now, at least physically, we need to keep people apart.”

The prime minister added: “The more effectively we follow the advice we are given, the faster this country will stage both a medical and an economic recovery in full.”

Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London has warned all Londoners to stop using “public transport now” to halt the rapid spread of coronavirus across the capital.

Khan added, “I want to make a direct appeal to Londoners.

“Work from home if you possibly can. Do not use public transport unless genuinely essential. Act immediately on the expert advice.

“It is absolutely the right decision to close down many social venues tonight.

“If you ignore this advice people will die as a result.”

Latest figures show that more than 55 Londoners have died from coronavirus and the latest report from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) is alarming.

The SAGE report written on Monday and published on Friday, suggests that for every one death across London there could be thousands of infected Londoners.

This latest scientific report has evidence that allegedly dismisses the governments advice.

Top Dr warns UK is “weeks behind Italy” which has over “41,000 cases in a month.”

The death toll in Italy currently stands at 3,405 or 8% and has now exceeded that of China which stands at 3,253 despite having just under half the number of confirmed cases.

Italy has 41,035 compared to China’s 81,250 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Dr Antonio Pasenti Head of Lombardy’s Intensive crisis care unit in Italy told Sky News on Friday, that “the UK is a matter of weeks behind Italy” and will most likely experience “what we are seeing.”

He said that , “8.8% of cases are among healthcare workers” across the country.

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