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Kuleba warns Russia will ‘definitely attack NATO on one condition’

29th Mar 24 4:56 pm

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has warned that Russia will “definitely attack NATO” but on “one condition.”

During an interview with The Times of India Kuleba said he cannot rule out the Vladimir Putin will attack NATO, he insisted that the “future of the Russian imperialist project depends on Ukraine.”

The senior Ukrainian MP told The Times of India, “I do not know when, but Russia can definitely attack NATO on one condition.

“If it comes to the conclusion that NATO’s response will not be adequate. Russia will be able to exploit the differences within the Alliance in order not to receive an immediate and crushing response from NATO.

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“Everyone should understand that Russia’s strategic goal is not just to conquer Ukraine, but to restore the glory of the Soviet Union in the international arena.

“Putin even said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”

Kuleba added, “Thus, the future of the Russian imperialist project depends on Ukraine. When Russia loses this war, it will have to adopt a new political model that does not involve imperialist expansion.

“If Russia does not suffer defeat in Ukraine, then Putin is inspired by his success and will move to NATO countries.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky also warned on Thursday that war “can come very quickly to Europe.”

President Zelensky said, Putin is determined to restore the former Soviet Union to its imperial glory along with all its geographical borders.

“Even tomorrow, the missiles can fly to any state,” he said.

This aggression, and Putin’s army, can come to Europe, and then the citizens of the United States, the soldiers of the United States, will have to protect Europe because they’re the NATO members,” Zelensky added.

President Zelensky warned that Putin’s war “can come to Europe” and also to America, it will “come very quickly to Europe.”

President Zelensky warned, “But it can come to Europe, and to the United States of America. It can come very quickly to Europe. The 80s and then the end of the 90s – he will never forgive that.”

The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has issued a warning to Europe that “we are in a pre-war era” which has not been “seen since 1945.”

The Polish Prime Minister said during an interview with newspaper network LENA, “We have not had a situation like this since 1945.

“I know it sounds devastating, especially to people of the younger generation, but we have to mentally get used to a new era.

“We are in a pre-war era. I don’t exaggerate.”

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