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The West needs an ‘effective strategy’ for Putin’s nuclear deterrence as they did during the Soviet Union

by LLB political Reporter
1st Oct 22 9:44 am

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the constant weekly nuclear threats has shocked everyone even those countries which have nuclear weapons such as China and India.

Kuleba said, “In fact, all our partners need now is to remember that for decades they had an effective strategy for the nuclear deterrence of the Soviet Union, and now we need to believe in ourselves again and implement a strategy that will deter Russia.

“This is absolutely possible, this is not some kind of predetermined factor.”

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Kuleba told Interfax-Ukraine, “And here the position of both China and India, which took a separate position in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine, is absolutely categorically against the use of nuclear weapons, not to mention other nuclear countries that belong to the West and with which we have, accordingly, very close relationship.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister insisted that if Putin does use nuclear weapons this will not break Ukraine, he firmly believes that this would not force the West to abandon support.

Kuleba said, “If Putin believes that by using nuclear weapons, he will, firstly, break Ukraine, make it give up the fight, and secondly, break the West and make them refuse to support Ukraine, then he once again, as he had been many times before, is grossly mistaken.

“It won’t break Ukraine and it won’t make the West stop supporting Ukraine.

“There is only one question, and this is the most acute issue in internal discussions in various governments – how to respond to this if, God forbid, this happens.

“But the option to reduce support for Ukraine and say: ‘That’s it, stop, since you’ve gone like that, now let’s make concessions’ is not discussed in serious capitals.”

He believes that the Russians are already profiting from the fact that, in principle, the topic of a nuclear strike has appeared, if not on the front pages, then definitely on the second or third page.

He added, “We talked very actively with partners on this topic. In the first days of communication, nervousness was felt, but then we managed to somehow stabilize it all.

“We need firmness of spirit, faith in victory, and everything will be fine.”

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