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President Zelensky warns peace negotiations with Russia will now be a ‘challenge’ following the ‘Bucha massacre’

by LLB political Reporter
5th Apr 22 10:12 am

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has voiced his concerns over the the possibility of negotiations with Russia after the “Bucha massacre.”

President Zelensky warned that negotiations will be a “challenge” because “everyone understands” that what Russian troops “did is unforgivable.”

“All of us, including myself, will perceive even the possibility of negotiations as a challenge. The internal challenge, first of all, one’s own, human.

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“Then, when you pull yourself together, and you have to do it, I think that we have no other choice,” he said in an interview with Ukrainian journalists shown as part of the all-Ukrainian telethon on Tuesday.

Zelensky said, “there will be another challenge inside the state, because everyone understands that what they did is unforgivable.

“Each such tragedy, each such Bucha will hit you on the hands in relation to certain negotiations. But we need to find opportunities for such steps.

“Just to say – let’s not talk about anything today – is the easiest position. The most difficult thing is to say what they did, recognize them as an enemy and at the same time find an opportunity to meet and find a way out at this meeting without losing our territory,” Zelensky said.

He is in favor of speeding up the investigation into the war crimes that Russian troops committed in Bucha and other cities.

“It is unprofitable for Europe to drag out this process, because they see that there is more than enough evidence and, unfortunately, evidence will only appear,” the president said.

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