Home Business News Kremlin sources say ‘everyone is f**ing stunned’ over ‘full scale war’ and a ‘ceasefire’ with Ukraine is ‘top priority’

Kremlin sources say ‘everyone is f**ing stunned’ over ‘full scale war’ and a ‘ceasefire’ with Ukraine is ‘top priority’

4th Mar 22 2:38 pm

Kremlin sources are speaking out against Vladimir Putin’s invasion into Ukraine as he blindsided Moscow as “no one expected a full scale war.”

Kremlin insiders are anonymously speaking out against Putin and a source close to the presidential administration said “everyone is f***ing stunned” over the war.

Julia Ioffe who is the founding partner and Washington correspondent for Puck News, said another source said no one expected for there to be “full scale war” in Ukraine.

Ioffe tweeted, “Everyone is f***ing stunned,” says one of her sources close to the Kremlin.

“Another source says no one in the presidential administration expected a full-scale war -or the sanctions.”

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Another source reportedly told Ioffe that, “You can’t resign.

“You can only resign right to jail.”

A key ally to Putin has called the war in Ukraine “embarrassing” as the Russian President is losing allies fast.

Andrey Kortunov, director general of the Russian International Affairs Council, broke ranks on Wednesday and said a ceasefire is “top priority” and added that many Russians are “depressed” by the war.

Speaking to Sky News this week the foreign policy expert said, “This is very embarrassing for all of us – not only because we turned out to be wrong, but also because all Russians will be in a difficult position in many countries.”

Kortunov added, “I was shocked because for a long time, I thought that a military operation was not feasible. It was not plausible.

“My advice today, given the current situation on the ground, would be to turn a ceasefire into the top priority.

“We have to stop the conflict.”

Kortunov continued, “We tend to believe that the name of the game is development, but I can imagine that some people around Mr Putin believe that the name of the game is survival.”

He added, “I’m depressed. I think many of us are depressed.

“I think that there are many people in the Kremlin who should be depressed because the price will be substantial and of course, we should be depressed also because people are being killed.

“It’s something that we should never forget.”

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