Home Business News $1,000,000 bounty placed on Vladimir Putin’s head ‘Dead or Alive’ for ‘mass murder’ as he is a ‘war criminal’

$1,000,000 bounty placed on Vladimir Putin’s head ‘Dead or Alive’ for ‘mass murder’ as he is a ‘war criminal’

3rd Mar 22 12:56 pm

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has had a $1,000,000 bounty placed on his head “Dead or Alive” for “mass murder.”

The Russian Businessman Alex Konanykhin has said he is committed to help the Ukraine as it is his “moral duty.”

The businessman who is a California-based cryptocurrency investor said the bounty will be paid from his own pocket, he told Insider.

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Konanykhin posted on LinkedIn, “I promise to pay $1,000,000 to the officer(s) who, complying with their constitutional duty, arrest(s) Putin as a war criminal under Russian and international laws.

“Putin is not the Russian president as he came to power as the result of a special operation of blowing up apartment buildings in Russia, then violated the Constitution by eliminating free elections and murdering his opponents.”

He then attached a photo of Vladimir Putin to the post, pinned with the caption: “Wanted: Dead or alive. Vladimir Putin for mass murder.”

Alex Konanykhin

Konanykhin added, “As an ethnic Russian and a Russia citizen, I see it as my moral duty to facilitate the denazification of Russia.

“I will continue my assistance to Ukraine in its heroic efforts to withstand the onslaught of Putin’s Orda [horde].”

In a separate Facebook post, Konanykhin reiterated his message without the picture of Vladimir Putin, adding: “Facebook banned my post; do you think it was a correct decision?

“I omit the picture as it was a ‘dead or alive’ poster.”

He wants to ensure to the world that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine does not represent his views.

“If enough other people make similar statements, it may increase the chances of Putin getting arrested and brought to justice.”

Konanykhin was asked he fears for his own safety after posting the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” post.

The Russian businessman calmly said, “Putin is known to murder his opponents.

“He has millions of them now.”

Konanykin, who now lives in the US has a net worth of $300 million, according to Vice.

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