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Kremlin chief warns that the ‘NATO countries will be destroyed by us in half an hour’ to push ‘the worst enemy away from our borders’

by LLB political Reporter
9th May 22 2:05 pm

The head of the Kremlin’s space agency, Dmitry Rogozin who is one of Vladimir Putin’s closest friends has warned that “NATO countries” could be “destroyed” by Russia within “half and hour.”

Rogozin who is the head of Roscosmos admitted that Putin is aiming to wipe the Ukraine of the map and that “NATO is waging a war” against Russia.

Rogozin who is the Kremlin’s hardliner said, “They didn’t announce it, but that doesn’t change anything. Now it’s obvious to everyone.

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“But we must not allow it, because the consequences of the exchange of nuclear strikes will affect the state of our Earth.

“Therefore, we will have to defeat this economically and militarily more powerful enemy with conventional armed means.”

He suggested that the Russian President will place Russia on a war footing against the West amid speculation that there could be mass mobilisation is on the cards to bolster his failures in Ukraine.

He added, “Such a victory is possible with the full solidarity of the whole country with the army, the mobilisation of the state economy.”

Rogozin said that industry must be immediately forced to serve all military objectives and “this must be done immediately and quickly.”

He added, “This is a war for the truth – and the right of Russia to exist as a single and independent state.

“The very existence of a Ukraine separate from Russia will inevitably turn it into anti-Russia and a springboard of the West for aggression against our people.

“That is why what we call a ‘Special Military Operation’ goes far beyond its original meaning and geography.”

He claimed that NATO are in a proxy war and said, “We are liberating Ukraine from NATO occupation and pushing the worst enemy away from our western borders.”

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