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Germany warns Europe is ‘in a state of emergency’ where decisions are ‘literally a matter of life and death’ over nuclear fears

4th May 22 1:48 pm

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has issued an urgent warning that Europe is “in a state of emergency” where Vladimir Putin can make decisions which are “literally a matter of life and death.”

Scholz told world leaders that they must be on high alert over Putin’s nuclear expansion and the possibility of a nuclear attack.

Scholz also said that  “many in the Kremlin have not yet grasped” the extent of the invasion in Ukraine which has “devastating consequences” for Moscow.

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Scholz warned that Germany are to provide more support for Ukraine and warned that they will not lift any sanctions until there is a peace agreement.

Speaking if a nuclear attack in Europe, the German Chancellor said, “In view of this war, everything should be taken seriously.”

Berlin is now tasked “to prevent such weapons from being used.

“Internationally, we are currently in a dangerous, even dramatic situation.”

He warned that Europe is now living “in an exceptional situation” and warned for nations not to “act hastily in the hope that it won’t be so bad.”

Scholz continued, “Many are afraid that the war will spread to the countries of the EU.

“We must not talk over people’s heads and past their hearts.”

Speaking to German publication Stern, he said that “no one else” should negotiate peace and any conditions with Russia, he added: “It must not be that others decide for Ukraine or about Ukraine.

“The real problem is that we are still far away from it [a ceasefire].”

Scholz praised Ukraine’s resistance, he told the publication, “It is defending itself with great bravery and a great deal of cleverness.

“The performance of the Ukrainian military leadership is impressive and great,” and that Volodymyr Zelensky is “doing is very well.”

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