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Johnson labels Corbyn as ‘chlorinated chicken’ during PMQs

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
4th Sep 19 1:47 pm

During Prime Ministers Question’s (PMQs) on Wednesday Boris Johnson labelled the Labour leader as “chlorinated chicken” over Brexit in the House of Commons.

Corbyn repeatedly demanded that the prime minister publish the government’s official document called “Yellow Hammer” that show the impact of a no-deal Brexit on food prices and medicines.

In an attempt not to answer Corbyn’s questions Johnson joked to fight back, as Labour fired a  warning shot that the PM has “no authority and no majority.”

Johnson suggested that Labour’s spending policies were “shit or bust strategy” and added, “I say it’s both Mr Speaker.”

Corbyn kept asking for evidence of the details that Johnson is negotiating for a deal with Brussels and not trying to “run down the clock.” Johnson said negotiations are not to be made “public.”

Corbyn slammed the prime minister and warned people do have a “great deal to fear” if he does to the country what he has done to his own party in the last 24-hours.

Corbyn said, “Yesterday it was revealed that the prime minister’s negotiating strategy is to run down the clock.

“And that the Attorney General told the prime minister that his belief that the European Union would drop the backstop was a complete fantasy.

“Are these reports accurate or can the prime minister provide the detail of the proposals he’s put forward to the EU?”

In Johnson’s first PMQs he responded, that his strategy is to get a deal done by 17 October and “get Brexit done.”

Adding, “What his surrender bill would do is wreck any chance of the talks and we don’t know his strategy at all.

“He’s asking for mobs and Momentum activists to paralyse the traffic in his name.

“What are they supposed to chant? What is the slogan? ‘What do we want? Dither and delay. When do want it? We don’t know’.

“That’s his policy. Can he confirm now that he will allow the people of this country to decide on what he is giving up in their name with a general election on 15 October, or is he frit?”

Johnson said preparations are “very advanced” for a no-deal, “I know he’s worried about free trade deals with America but there’s only one chlorinated chicken that I can see in this House and he’s on that bench” pointing his finger at Corbyn.

Corbyn stood up and said that the prime minister is “absolutely desperate to avoid scrutiny.”

Adding, “I can see why he’s desperate to avoid scrutiny – he has no plan to get a new deal, no authority and no majority.

“If the prime minister does to the country what he has done to his party in the last 24-hours, I think a lot of people have a great deal to fear from his incompetence, his vacillation and his refusal to publish known facts that are known to him about the effects of a no-deal Brexit.”

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