Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour defectors must stand for re-election


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said the eight Labour MPs who quit over anti-Semitism, and over his Brexit position, should resign and fight by-elections.

Corbyn said it is the “democratic thing for them to do” to allow voters to decide.

Corbyn said his party was “at our best when we work together.

“It’s disappointing that some MPs have left our party to sit with disaffected Tories.

“But we cannot return to the failed, business-as-usual politics of the past.

“These MPs now want to abandon the policies on which they were elected.

“So, the decent and democratic thing for them to do is resign and put themselves up for election.”

A Labour MP told Sky News who is on the edge of quitting said in response to Corbyn’s video, “He doesn’t have the ability or the capacity to reach out.”

Adding, “Unless we change, we may see more days like this.”